I am just a grade 7 girl who loves to experience new things. I Try to take risks and live life to the fullest. I love soccer, volleyball, and badminton. I like to help others and me a leader. I am excited to be on the 2013/2014 Think we team. I am excited to start a new journey of grade 7. I am excited to show everybody my work as a grade 7. Oh and don't for

If you would like to watch my reflection animoto here is the link.   click here.
You have to watch this truly inspiring video! 
I'll try not to give to much away. This video is about this boy who is around 9 years old. He has a passion about building. Now yoy HAVE to watch this video.
Click here.
Hey whats up? So I see you have found your way to my pretty awesome website! I am Judy Moody and I  proudly made this website!  This website is about you  learning new things that you hopefully haven't learned yet! Now before you get bored reading this paragraph let me introduce myself, My name is Judy Rose Moody, I was born in beautiful British Columbia, I just started Grade 6 and go  to a pretty awesome school in Surrey B.C! I enjoy playing soccer as a fulltime goalie for a team in Surrey, My favorite school subject in school is definately writing; writing fiction stories and using my imagination. I also enjoy listening to music and hanging out with my BFF's.  My grade 6 teacher lets us learn with technology and learning new things.  Now I know you probably are tired from reading off the computer and your eyes hurt, so I will try to shut myself down. So feel free to comment and explore my Grade 6 learning! Thank's for reading!